Viper (Bra) - Theatre of fate 5/5

Reviewed: 3-11-05


1. Illusions
2. At least a chance
3. To live again
4. A cry from the edge
5. Living for the night
6. Prelude to oblivian
7. Theatre of fate
8. Moonlight

After showing potential on their debut, Viper absolutely explodes with 'Theatre of fate', which is one of my favorite CDs of all time.
Everything is better on this CD. Pit Passarell, again, is the main songwriter, being the main songwriter on all tracks except vocalist Andre Matos' "Moonlight". The melodies are much stronger on this CD and the songs are loaded with emotion. There is a theme on this CD of disillusionment when one grows up to find that all things were not as possible as they seemed when one was young.

Nothing is as improved on this CD as much as Matos. He has gained confidence from the debut as he screams the lyrics with power and emotion. Matos has a truly amazing voice. The last notes on each of the last 2 tracks are almost painful to listen to as he stretches into the far reaches of his incredible range.
Most of the tracks here are uptempo, but Viper throws more variety into the songwriting on this CD with the slow starting "Living for the night" and Matos' power–ballad "Moonlight", which opens with a Beethoven piano piece cover of "Moonlight sonata". The guitar melodies are stronger on this CD as they scream with power and emotion, which matches Matos'.

The only negative about this CD is its length. ‘Theatre of fate’ reminds me of a lightening strike, hitting you with unmatched power, and then suddenly, it's gone, leaving its destruction behind. After listening to this CD hundreds of times, I don't think I have ever listened to it without saying "Wow!" at the end. This CD is that good.




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