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Violet Moon - Morbid visions 3/5

Reviewed: 10-23-09


1. Angels never die
2. The call of the wind
3. Knights of illusions
4. Rest of my life
5. Virgin of Orlen
6. Morbid visions
7. Welcome to my black-goth-wedding

Violet Moon is an underground German band and 'Morbid visions' is their full-length debut, which was actually released back in 2005, but it's self-released and is difficult to find for sale. The CD's production could be better, but considering it's self-released, the production is good. As for style, we get a mix of power metal, gothic metal and symphonic metal. It's a very dark CD, but there is plenty of speed and the keys sometimes balance out the darkness. Plus, with there being such a variety of styles present, it remains an interesting listen throughout.

The vocals are of the "beauty and the beast" type, with Susanne Heuer being the "beauty" and Kevin Goodin (who is also the drummer) being the "beast". Overall, they do a fine job and they provide some great harmonies, but they're not the best vocal duo I've heard, for sure. As for the songwriting, it's solid and there are many parts of the CD that are really well done. My favorite songs are track 4 "Rest of my life" and track 6 "Morbid visions", as they're probably the most melodic and definitely the most memorable. Even though there are only 7 songs, they're all fairly long, so the CD is still of normal running time.

For some reason I've really struggled with coming up with some band comparisons for Violet Moon, but it's perhaps because of the variety of styles present on this debut. To give you of an idea however, think of Abonos or maybe A New Dawn, with similarities to Via Mistica, early Macbeth, Odes of Ecstasy, Eeriness and Even Song. So Violet Moon is somewhere in the middle of these bands, but they're definitely not directly comparable to one specific band.

Since this CD was released 4 years ago, the band has been working on new material and their 2nd CD will be released soon. Surprisingly, the band has already gone through some line-up changes over the years and both vocalists on this CD (Susanne and Kevin) are no longer with the band. So I'm not sure what their 2nd CD will bring, but I consider this debut a solid start and I'm looking forward to their future.




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