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Vengeful Few (The) - s/t 3.5/5

Reviewed: 7-11-08


1. Madhouse
2. Circle of seven
3. New granada
4. Get us out
5. The breakdown
6. Marie
7. Face reality
8. One twenty three

The Vengeful Few was formed in 2004 and is made up of experienced musicians, all of which are located in New Jersey (U.S.). Although the members have been in various rock and metal bands, The Vengeful Few was created to bring us classic traditional/heavy metal greatly recalling the 80s. While they don't sound exactly like another band, I definitely hear similarities to Iron Maiden, Stainless Steel, Destillery, Made of Iron, Hellowed, Gods of Fire, Wolf, Miles Beyond, Battalion and Fates Prophecy.

But of the many band comparisons, the New York City based Gods of Fire has stood out the most, and that's because The Vengeful Few features the terrific vocalist Keith Vitali, who's also the vocalist for the still active Gods of Fire. Keith has been singing since the age of 6, and this is very easy to believe, as he's surely one of the best vocalists in the style. I really like the Gods of Fire debut 'Wrath of the gods' and Keith's voice is one of the strongest aspects of that CD. The same goes for The Vengeful Few's 's/t' debut, as Keith stands out in the same manner.

The CD contains only 8 tracks of normal length and the overall running time is just over 40 minutes, but this is a perfect length in my mind, as most of the songs hover around a mid-paced tempo and over an hour of this pace might be too much. Don't get me wrong, this is far from a boring CD; the riffs are very catchy and there are many outstanding guitar solos. It's actually quite an upbeat CD that's thoroughly enjoyable, yet is a far distance from the fast-paced power metal that I mostly listen to.

Although I like every song on the CD, I will say that track 3 "New granada" is one of my favorites, as it starts out slow before instantly grabbing your attention with its catchy rhythm. Track 6 "Marie" must also be mentioned, as it's probably the most melodic and also the most memorable. The slow and piano-oriented track 7 "Face reality" is also excellent though, and it emanates classic metal at its best. The closer "One twenty three" is as strong as any other song on the CD, and you're left with a CD that's great from start to finish, with no fillers.

So this is very well done classic traditional/heavy metal and if you're into the many aforementioned bands, this is a blind purchase. In fact, if you have and enjoy the Gods of Fire debut 'Wrath of the gods', this becomes even more of a recommended CD. The Vengeful Few has certainly accomplished what they set out to do, as this is a nice ride back through the 80s.




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