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Unshine - Dark half rising 4/5

Reviewed: 10-1-13


1. Nadja's wailing about coming of the frost
2. The oath to wilderness of unredeemed nature
3. Arduinna
4. Spellbinder
5. Defender of his faith
6. Their horses never touch the ground
7. Idyl
8. The blood of Ardennes
9. Ikuinen taistelu
10. Bone fires
11. Ategenos (At the death of winter)

5 years ago Unshine surprised me with their magnificent 2nd CD 'The enigma of immortals'. Their symphonic/gothic metal blend (with hints of folk) and their unique female vocalist Susanna Vesilahti had me totally mesmerized, and it's a CD that I still regularly listen to, but I also spin their debut 'Earth magick' on occasion. Though it took a long time for them to unveil this 3rd CD 'Dark half rising', I guess it's better late than never.

Thankfully all of the ingredients remain intact, and Susanna's vocals are instantly recognizable and really pleasing to hear since sometimes a band's 5-year CD gap brings some changes, which doesn't always work out. So if you like what you've heard from the band's first 2 CDs and the band as a whole has clicked with you like it has me, rest assured that this CD is similar in every way. If you haven't heard of them before, know that general comparisons would be Midnattsol, Elis, Leaves' Eyes, Angtoria and Mena Brinno, though I do feel that Unshine is somewhat special.

I've enjoyed listening to this CD quite a bit, but while 'The enigma of immortals' hit me with one amazing song after another, this CD doesn't have as many songs at that level. They all hover around the level of excellence however, and in the end, I'm really satisfied with what came out of a 5-year wait. Hopefully you will be as well.




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