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Uncreated Light - Whom should I blame 4/5

Reviewed: 6-1-10


1. Whom should I blame
2. Burning hearts
3. Searching for the destiny
4. What will remain
5. The mystery of water
6. Legend
7. Sweet capture
8. A poet
9. The mighty of this world
10. Sign of the time
11. Whom should I blame (English version)
12. Burning hearts (English version)
13. Searching for the destiny (English version)
14. What will remain (English version)

Uncreated Light is a band from Ukraine that was previously known as New Land, but they never passed the demo stage under that name and 'Whom should I blame' is their full-length debut, under the new name. It's a Russian-language CD (the tracklist and title are translated), except tracks 11 through 14 are English versions of tracks 1 through 4. With 14 tracks, the CD's total running time is nearly 70 minutes, and because I personally like CDs around 45 to 50 minutes in length, I sometimes end spinning the CD after track 10, as I actually prefer the Russian versions of the duplicated tracks.

The band's style is a blend of symphonic metal, power metal and gothic metal. They're female fronted by Helen Musienko, whose voice is of the operatic (soprano) type, and she's a truly fantastic vocalist. So as a whole, the band is like a blend of the popular Nightwish and Epica, but without the male death ("beast") vocals. However, because this is a Russian-language CD, more specific comparisons would be Andem, Sphinx, Luna Aeterna, Solar and Septem Voices. Since I'm really into Russian-language bands, it's been great for me to discover another one, especially since this debut is excellent.

There's no doubt that the band can write strong songs, as they're all interesting, with an overall solid balance of tempo and the CD as a whole is cohesive. I really like the slow and beautiful track 3 "Searching for the destiny", track 6 "Legend" and track 9 "The mighty of this world", as Helen sounds amazing in all of them. All 3 also have moments when the strings really stand out, and I'm reminded of Septem Voices during those moments. The faster songs are also of high quality though (sometimes highlighted by awesome guitar solos), and track 10 "Sign of the time" is a killer instrumental that's a perfect ending to the CD if I'm not in the mood to continue listening to tracks 11 through 14.

So we have another new band with a very promising and competitive debut, and it's a CD that is definitely recommended to fans of Russian-language female fronted symphonic/power/gothic metal.




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