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Tyranny of Hours - s/t 4/5

Reviewed: 8-1-13


1. What is free
2. Above the salt
3. Amber
4. Legacy
5. A breath with peace
6. The hapless wand
7. Transvaal sphere
8. Vainhope
9. The warm
10. The path that lies apart
11. Dark symphony

Tyranny of Hours is a new band from Portland, Oregon. They were formed a few years ago and after spending the few years on this full-length 's/t' debut, they self-released it in early 2013. The band is female fronted, and what stood out immediately (the very first time I heard this CD) is vocalist Michelle Mattair, who sounds like a nice blend of Sabine Edelsbacher (Edenbridge) and Sonia Pineault (Forgotten Tales). If you're a big fan of those vocalists, you'll love Michelle's vocals too, as she's extremely similar to them.

Musically, the band plays progressive power metal with plenty of hooks, a good amount of crunch, and there are also some symphonic/gothic elements. In addition, the band's style is taken to the next level with the powerful production, and besides the vocals standing out, guitarist Don Graham, bassist Jordan Harrington and drummer Larry London easily prove their talents. In fact, this doesn't sound like a debut at all, and instead a band's 4th or 5th CD, seriously.

Every song on this CD is excellent, but special mention must be made of the extra-catchy track 3 "Amber", which is certainly the highlight on the CD. I also really like the short and slow track 5 "A breath with peace", and the instrumental track 7 "Transvaal sphere". There isn't one song that I don't like though, and the CD flows from start to finish without even one questionable moment.

Because of Michelle's vocals, big fans of Edenbridge and Forgotten Tales should pick this CD up blindly, but I also highly recommend it to all fans female fronted metal, as the quality is higher than most CDs out there.




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