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Twisted Tower Dire - Netherworlds 4/5

Reviewed: 6-29-07


1. Starshine
2. Dire wolf
3. Fortress
4. Killing kind
5. Netherworlds
6. Casuality of cruel times
7. Tales of submission
8. No one left to blame
9. Firebird

One of my favorite bands of the past few years returns with their 4th full-length CD, true to their style and quite effective.

For those of you unfamiliar with TTD, they play driving, straightforward American style heavy metal, with a majestic feeling that stems from the pure, polished vocals, and a fantasy bent. For those of you who enjoyed their prior works, this is a worthy follow-up which will not surprise and disappoint, even if I might hold the even more epic 'The isle of hydra' and its magnificent title track in even higher regard.

The CD's opener, "Starshine", opens up with a surprising feel, channeling a bit of Motorhead's raw throaty rumble in its rhythm section, but the vocals and guitar leads are the more expected clean and majestic metal. "No one left to blame" also takes the lyrics off from the more expected fantasy direction with a more relationshippy tone, but luckily you have titles like "Dire wolf" or "Firebird" to even things out a bit. Like 'Crest of the martyrs', it's otherwise a very consistent CD, and if it has any flaws its that I haven't found any magnificent high points that really blow me away, but likewise, there aren't any major detractions either. In this, it's closer to 'Crest of the martyrs' than 'The isle of hydra'.

Singer Tony Taylor left the band after the recording of this CD, and the current singer is Johnny Aune, but since the vocals on this CD are all the recognizable strains from Tony, we'll have to wait until the next CD to hear the new singer in a studio setting.




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