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Twilightning - Plague-house puppet show 4/5

Reviewed: 4-29-05


1. Plague-house puppet show
2. Into treason
3. The fiend
4. Victim of deceit
5. Painting the blue eyes
6. In the fervor's frontier
7. Fever pitch
8. Diamonds of mankind
9. Riot race
10. Lubricious thoughts

Twilightning burst onto the scene with the exceptional, especially for a debut, 'Delirium veil'. The new 'Plague-house puppet show', is equally good. Twilightning is pure power metal but have a unique sound which prevents them from falling victim to the frequent clone syndrome that can be found in power metal. What is different about them? Mainly their song structures are just different than you will hear elsewhere; and the band does require a few extra listens compared to bands like Stratovarius, which provide more instant gratification.

Singer H.M.I. Poyhia is a real key to the band. He has a very strong voice and is not afraid to get his throat involved in the vocals; he can be somewhat of a screamer and often sounds like Skid Row’s Sebastian Bach at these times. As effective and original as Poyhia is, however, there is more to Twilightning than his vocals. The entire band is excellent with sharp riffs and explosive solos. All the instruments have well written parts and are interesting to listen to by themselves. The band has a keyboard player but while the keyboards are noticeable if you listen for them, they are very much in the background for the vast majority of the CD. The production on the CD is perfect. The songwriting is very aggressive with all the tracks being uptempo except for the one power ballad, “Painting the blue eyes”.

Twilightning opened some eyes with their debut CD and have done nothing to disappoint with the follow-up. They have the perfect combination of having their own totally unique style, while easily fitting into the power metal genre. The melodies aren’t quite as strong as bands like the ultra-melodic Stratovarius, but they have more than enough melody to combine with a unique sound so that few fans of power metal would be disappointed with this CD.




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