Twilightning - Delirium veil 3.5/5

Reviewed: 7-24-04


1. Gone to the wall
2. At the forge
3. Jester realm
4. Delirium veil
5. Return to innocence
6. Under somber skies
7. Seventh dawn
8. Enslaved to the mind
9. Masked ball dalliance

This Finnish band's (it's kind of ironic that I have approximately 20 times the number of CDs from Finland as from Arizona, I mean, Arizona's a LOT closer, and I think it may have more people) rather difficult for me to describe. It has some of the clean power metal elements, but has its own unique sound, in a kind of strange way. In fact, although it's difficult for me to define the sound, the closest comparison is Sonata Arctica, in that odd flavor a lot of their songs have that differentiate them from the more typical power metal, and TNT, in the way the music crosses over from metal to hard rock.

Maybe it's the profligate use of harmonies, maybe just the way they write songs. The music is overall excellent, with singer Heikki Poyha being extremely powerful, and reminding me a bit of Tony Harnell from TNT quite a bit. He's direct and upfront in the production, and in fact, the production throughout is exquisite, with sharp and cleanly defined guitar leads, and ah, the sweet, sweet arpeggios in the solo of "At the forge". The lyrics are also reminiscent of Sonata Arctica, i.e., a bit weird, and titles like "Masked ball dalliance" highlight this.

Apparently, the band is close to releasing the successor to this CD, 'Plague-house puppet show'. Overall, this is excellent stuff, and although it may sound too typically power metal for some, it has its own unique sound that stands out, I just have to decide how much I like those more original elements.




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