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Troy - World in flames 4.5/5

Reviewed: 5-22-09


1. World in flames
2. Star of hope
3. After us
4. Empire
5. Curved lake
6. Ghost in emptiness
7. Against the proud gods
8. Remember me
9. Troy

Awesome!! Another Russian-language power metal band! This time it's Troy and they're entering the metal world via their full-length debut 'World in flames'. Many of you know that I'm all over stuff like this, and thankfully, Troy is yet another high-quality Russian band that's impressive in every way. As is always the case with Russian-language CDs, the title and tracklist are translated.

Troy can definitely be lumped with other Russian melodic power metal bands like Callisto, Epidemia, Arktida, Charizma, Arda, Decuman Wave, Retriem and so on. They're certainly one of the better bands too, especially regarding melody. Man, every song is full of catchy melodies and this is due in large part to the high amount of lead guitar work, which is absolutely fantastic. If you like a lot of lead guitars with your power metal, rest assured you'll be loving this. Plus, the band is without a keyboard player, so the guitar work truly shines throughout the entire CD.

Vocalist Dmitriy Argento can easily be added to the list of excellent Russian vocalists, as he has a clear voice with a lot of range, and in many ways, he's your typical power metal vocalist. I obviously can't understand the lyrics, but the melodies are there. Also, if lots of lead guitar work and excellent vocals haven't got you interested enough, know that there is a lot of speed on this CD and there are plenty of amazing guitar solos that pop up, so the CD never comes close to being boring.

It's simple this time folks - if you're a fan of Russian-language melodic power metal and are familiar with the aforementioned bands, grabbing this CD is a no-brainer. If you're not, you can move onto something else, but just don't tell me, as I'll be pushing Russian-language power metal on you like there's no tomorrow.




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