Titans Eve - Life apocalypse 3/5

Reviewed: 9-1-12


1. Overcast (intro)
2. Destined to die
3. Road to ruin
4. The abyss
5. Descension
6. Life apocalypse
7. A wound that never heals
8. Hollow gods
9. Divided we fall
10. Frozen in time
11. The void

Are the resounding tides of doomsday approaching, as 2012 dwindles down to its final chapter? Are we all to be cast into the void, thrown into the abyss, awaiting the fires of judgement, in flames ? Will the hallowed gods of deliverance save us from ourselves? Are not we all equal and divine in our own right? If in union we stand, then surely divided we will not fall. These and other preponderances are explored on the 2nd recording by Vancouver newcomers Titans Eve.

These thrash titans are balancing on a ledge, standing on the eve of destruction, delivering a pulsating and pounding sophomore outing. The self-produced 'Life apocalypse' arrives just over a year after the release of 'The divine equal'. Now the axe-wielding Gamblin Brothers have upped the ante employing slightly better production standards, more disciplined songwriting, and some well-thought-out compositions.

Fans of the "new thrash" vibe will be drawn to their sound which has more in common with the likes of Evile, Machine Head, Shadows Fall, Lazarus A.D., etc., than it does with vintage Canadian thrash acts like Sacrifice, Agression, Slaughter, Pile Driver, Razor, etc. Although, I do detect a bit of influence by Annihilator. In fact, when I first saw the tracklist, I had sincerely hoped that "Road to ruin" was a cover. Even though it is apparently not, the song stands out in its own right. Fans of Meliah Rage and Faith or Fear will surely not be disappointed.

Titans Eve have had the opportunity to open for several noteworthy acts, and the buzz is truly spreading. They provide a solid bridge between the mid-90s and modern millennial metal by buttressing the style epitomized by the likes of Iced Earth and Nevermore with the newer approach of bands like I.N.C., Exodus and Forbidden. Fans of Havok, Hexen, newer Eternal Legacy, and Crawl to Chaos will tend to agree.

Titans Eve by the very definition are thrash, even if Brian's vocal approach does have a more gruff, yet discernible manner. Brian never attempts the cleaner more polished stance, which some metalcore acts have perfected. His articulations mirror his frustrations, thereby giving rise to his convictions.

They should not be viewed as being either death thrash, or melodic death because there are no growls or harsh vocals present. Although the blast beats on "Hollow gods" and "Divided we fall" may make some beg to differ. I assume that advocates of God Forbid, Skeletonwitch, Trivium and Battlecross will concur.

As far as musicality, the guitar harmonies the brothers create are quite mellifluent. The somber full-length instrumental track called "A wound that never heals" is rather odd, yet majestic. This piercing piece almost has a cagey, hellish feel, with its acoustic haunts, and bongo drum percussion. Perhaps this anthem to the estranged is the soundtrack to our apocalypse.

The overall length of the CD, while a bit terse by today's standards, fits the music quite well. The title track is very emotional and caustic, while "Abyss" makes one feel as though they are locked up with the wolves breathing down our neck. Although, the closer "The void" ends a bit abruptly, leaving me wanting more, almost frozen in time. As the intro "Overcast" sets the tone for the impending eschaton, why is there no outro to bring things to a close?

All in all, I recommend this band and their accomplishments to all who, like myself, are ready and willing to discover yet another mettle act, in the drowning seas of madness and mimicry. While Titans Eve have nothing new to offer, they do have longstanding potential.

Thankfully these skull bangers write aggressive anthems and rippin' riffs which help me to release all that built-up tension from everyday life - when the weight of the world comes crushing down and I feel abandoned - awaiting the looming apocalypse and those 3 days of darkness, which may never come in 2012.




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