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Timeless Miracle - Into the enchanted chamber 4/5

Reviewed: 8-26-05


1. Curse of the werewolf
2. Witches of black magic
3. Into the enchanted chamber
4. The devil
5. The red rose
6. A minor intermezzo
7. Return of the werewolf
8. Memories
9. The gates of hell
10. Down to the gallows
11. The dark side forest
12. The voyage

This is the debut CD from a very talented band. It is one of those CDs that sounds like it couldnít possibly be a debut CD, even though it is. Everything about the CD is very impressive, the musicianship, the songwriting, the production. Everything. That is not to say that there is nothing that could be improved, but there are no glaring weaknesses to be found.

Timeless Miracle can most easily be considered to be a Freedom Call clone. Their average track is fast, melodic, catchy, fairly light and has a strong sing-a-long feel to it. The main weakness of the band is the singer. To be clear, he is not a terrible singer and in no way does he ruin the CD. However, he has a dullness to his voice and his technique is somewhat lacking on some sounds; itís not an accent issue, just a training issue on the best way to sing certain sounds. He does have reasonable range and is able to alternate between soft, pleasant singing, to harder edged throaty singing as needed. As mentioned, the songwriting is mostly very strong. This includes both the vocal melodies and the instrumental pieces. There is no point in going through the tracks one by one as they all have a similar sound, but the general sound is Freedom Call with a little bit of Gamma Ray and Helloween mixed in. Something that sets the band apart from Freedom Call is that Timeless Miracle mixes in some harder riffs to keep the CD from sounding too light. The band comparisons, alone, should be enough tell you if you might be interested in this band, as those bands have a very well known sound. They are definitely on the lighter, poppier side of power metal, but itís the kind of music that canít help but put a smile on your face even if you arenít in the mood to smile.

This is a very impressive CD, especially for a debut. One of the extra good things about the CD is that there is just a touch of progressiveness in the songwriting with several of the tracks having a couple of parts, including the 14 minute finale. This helps keep the CD a little extra interesting as this pop metal sound can get to be a little boring if all the tracks sound too much alike. Although the singer could improve his technique in some ways, he is far from a disaster and is quite effective in some ways. Overall, this is a very good CD from a band that appears ready to make many good CDs in the coming years.




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