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Tierramystica - A new horizon 4/5

Reviewed: 10-1-11


1. Nueva castilla
2. Golden courtyard (Qori kancha)
3. Celebration to the sun (Inti raymi)
4. New eldorado (Qapac nan)
5. Spiritual song
6. Winds of hope (Suyanawayra)
7. Wide open wings
8. Away from the dream
9. The final rest

It's been a few years since a Brazilian power metal CD has greatly impressed me, but Tierramystica's full-length debut 'A new horizon' has done that. For starters, major fans of Brazilian power metal (like myself) will instantly recognize this as a Brazilian band within the first few songs of the first spin. Comparisons are therefore easy, and they are Angra, Shaman, Eyes of Shiva, Aquaria, Glory Opera, Almah, Silent Moon, Symmetrya, Wizards, Arwen, Allegro, Arghon, Eterna, Hangar, Dynasty, Symbols, Andre Matos, Rygel, Sagga (Holy) and Endless.

However, Tierramystica is special, and not exactly like any of these bands. Although their base style is power metal, there are some lightly symphonic parts, and there are also some progressive elements (like with many of the mentioned bands), they have a strong folk influence and their music is just as much folk oriented as it is power metal oriented. In fact, I didn't even recognize some of the instruments used in all of the songs (there are many - quenas, charango, ocarinas, craviola, zamponas and others). I know a few are types of flutes and a few are types of strings, but I've personally never seen any played live. Because of these many unique instruments, and also some unique percussion parts, Tierramystica has created a very fresh and interesting CD.

Vocally, the band is fronted by Gui Antonioli and he's your typical Brazilian power metal vocalist, which in my mind means he's terrific. As for the songs as a whole, they're all great to excellent, with some of them being mid-paced to fast (there's a satisfying amount of speed, but far from a ton), and others being slow - even containing some acoustic guitar moments. Actually, the highlight for me is track 6 "Winds of hope (Suyanawayra)", an absolutely beautiful slow song with a lot of emotion (vocally), amazing instrumentation, and an unforgettable melody. Really though, the CD is without even one weak song and it's thoroughly enjoyable.

Because of its high quality, and the fact that there aren't a lot of impressive Brazilian power metal CDs being released at the moment, I have a feeling this would be a treat for many of you. I personally look forward to each spin of this CD, and while I'm normally surrounded by a lot of CDs that are similar to each other, there's no doubt that this CD has brought something original to my listening-filled days. Highly recommended!




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