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Thyreos - I don't live to fail 3/5

Reviewed: 11-1-13


1. I see you
2. Handsome dreamer
3. I don't live to fail
4. Diving low
5. Wise man's story
6. Follow the road
7. Overdrive
8. The loathsome V
9. Watching every move
10. Depressed dimension
11. If tomorrow (Would break into silence)
12. When demons fall

Thyreos is a band from Sweden that was formed over a decade ago, but they didn't release their debut 'Sound of destruction' until 2009, and this 2nd CD 'I don't live to fail' was released in 2012. Though plenty of metal comes out of Sweden and most bands get a lot of attention, I hadn't seen or heard too much about this particular band, so I was glad to have the opportunity to hear their CDs, and therefore present the band to all of you.

The band's style is melodic metal, but they do offer up some speed with enough power metal to satisfy, though there are also some songs that dip into hard rock. For general comparisons, think of Last Tribe, Heel, Ancara, Leverage, The Codex, Missing Tide, Red Rose, Planet Alliance and Sebastien, with some influences from Masterplan, Firewind, Dream Evil, Kinrick, and maybe Supreme Majesty or even recent Edguy.

Both of their CDs are similar regarding the blend of both style and quality. There are highlights on both CDs, and my favorite songs on this CD are the catchy track 4 "Diving low", the memorable track 6 "Follow the road", the fun track 7 "Overdrive", the light yet smooth track 9 "Watching every move", and the sing-a-long track 11 "If tomorrow (Would break into silence)". The closer "When demons fall" is really good too, but the remainder of the songs are just okay in my opinion, and the songs that are more in the realm of hard rock aren't really that appealing to me personally (track 5 "Wise man's story" is the best example), but those who regularly listen to that genre will probably like them.

One other aspect of this CD worth mentioning is the guitar solos that pop up, as they seem to arrive at the perfect moment and there's no doubt that the band has plenty of songwriting skills. So those who like melodic metal with some power metal and also hard rock will find enough to enjoy from both of the band's CDs, while pickier metal fans may only like portions of them. Regardless, this is a band that deserves more recognition, and hopefully this review will help.




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