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Thundertale - Warriors of thunder 4/5

Reviewed: 6-1-11


1. Krivule (intro)
2. Warriors of thunder
3. Battle of the sun
4. No more fear
5. Proud until the end
6. Knight of the lonely star
7. The holy fire
8. For the honoured fathers
9. Queen of slaves
10. Rise and fight!
11. Lietuvos broliai I kara jojo (bonus track)

Thundertale is a Lithuanian band and 'Warriors of thunder' is their 3rd CD, following their debut 'Rising power' and 2nd CD 'Milzinai'. The band's base style is traditional power metal, but they definitely have a folk side, and this is due in large part to the use of a hornpipe. In fact, one main band member (Shillas, with no last name given) devotes everything to this one specific instrument. I must admit that it adds a refreshing dimension to the band, and creates a lot of wonderful melodies. Whenever I think of the band, I'm instantly reminded of their hornpipe.

The band has 2 vocalists, Jonas Chockevicius and Laurynas Baskys, and they are also the lead/rhythm guitarists. Both provide accented but clean vocals, and I consider them to be a perfect fit for the band's music. I should mention that 1/2 of the songs on the debut ('Rising power') are sung in Lithuanian and 3/4 of the songs on their 2nd CD ('Milzinai') are sung in Lithuanian, but with exception of the bonus track, none of the songs on 'Warriors of thunder' are sung in their native tongue. Regarding their entire discography, I haven't really noticed whether I like the English or Lithuanian songs the most, so it must mean that the band excels at both languages.

Besides the band's folk elements (especially the hornpipe), one other aspect of the music on this CD I like a lot is that there are some frequent (and terrific) guitar solos that pop up and highlight some of the songs. The band certainly knows how to write memorable songs and consistently grab the listener, but know that the band's CDs are more along the lines of smooth, pleasant and melodic, as opposed to hard-hitting and extra-aggressive. In fact, there are even some slow acoustic parts, which are well done.

Despite the many positive things I've already mentioned about this band and this CD, perhaps the band's best aspect is their choruses. They're well written and performed, and totally stick in your head. While 'Rising power' was a solid debut, their 2nd CD 'Milzinai' is excellent and 'Warriors of thunder' is as well. Therefore, it's easy for me to recommend this band to power metal fans, especially those who can accept a very present hornpipe, as it really does make this a unique and refreshing band.




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