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Thunderstone - Tools of destruction 4/5

Reviewed: 4-29-05


1. Tool of the devil
2. Without wings
3. Liquid of the kings
4. I will come again
5. Welcome to the real
6. The last song
7. Another time
8. Feed the fire
9. Weight of the world
10. Land of innocence

This is the 3rd CD from Thunderstone and they're continuing with the same sound heard with their previous CDs. Comparisons to Sonata Arctica, Stratovarius, Dreamtale, Twilightning and Supreme Majesty can easily be made, and this is a good thing for the majority of power metal fans, as it's an exciting style with superb musicians. Thunderstone have always had all the right ingredients and definitely the talent, but I've always thought of them as good, yet not spectacular. For the most part, their songs from the past haven't grabbed me as much as songs from some of the other mentioned bands. Not that their previous CDs are bad (quite the contrary), they just haven't stuck out as anything particularly special. They convince me in a big way with this 3rd CD though, with songs reaching the greatness of the better output by the mentioned bands, and a CD that's excellent from start to finish.

The CD has a strong start, with "Tool of the devil" and "Without wings" sure to put a smile on the faces of every fan of their first 2 CDs. The entire first half of the CD is very good in fact, with plenty of speed, nice guitar and keyboard solos (a la Sonata Arctica), and memorable vocals throughout. But the high quality of the CD is really heard when we hit track 6 "The last song". A terrific song easily competitive with anything from Sonata Arctica or Twilightning! With its great chorus, the ballad "Another time" has also left an impression, and is probably the best ballad the band has produced thus far. As we continue to the outstanding final track "Land of innocence", no average or filler songs are heard, and the final result is a CD that's going be mentioned more commonly with discussions of some of the best bands in the genre. It's always nice to see bands improve over time, and Thunderstone is definitely no exception.




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