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Tetriconia - Eve 4/5

Reviewed: 8-24-07


1. Requiem
2. Alone... in time
3. Black sweet lake
4. Moan
5. Falling in dark
6. Shame
7. Lullaby
8. Morpheus Insomnia
9. Etherea
10. Preludio
11. Baroka

Out of Mexico, Tetriconia brings us their first official full-length release, 'Eve', a CD that's well embedded in the symphonic/gothic metal style of Epica, Via Mistica, Tristania, Myriads, Tystnaden, Even Song, Vanguard, Catafalque, Atargatis, The Sins of Thy Beloved, To Elysium, or think of early material from Theatre of Tragedy, Sirenia and After Forever. Quite a large list of comparisons, I know, but 'Eve' is truly caught somewhere in the middle of these many bands. The CD is mostly slow to mid-paced and isn't as aggressive/fast as CDs from Penumbra and Forever Slave however, so let's leave those bands off the comparison list.

Musically, Tetriconia really excels, and fans of this style will be more than impressed with the wide range of instruments used; in addition to the usual piano, keyboard and violin, there is also a viola, cello, trombone, and even an oboe present. The strings stand out the most (especially the violin), but I've been drawn to the beautiful piano parts as well. The guitars keep the rhythms intact, but it's definitely the variety of instruments that make 'Eve' what it is.

Vocally, as you would guess, we get female vocals (soprano) courtesy of Arely Rodriguez, who has a good voice, but she's not quite up there with Floor Jansen of After Forever or Simone Simons of Epica (for quick examples). Still, her vocals are satisfying and there a few male "beast" vocals and plenty of choirs too, so the vocal department as a whole is very solid. Combined with the brilliantly written music, we're left with an amazing debut for fans of the style.

But if you're still undecided on whether or not this band is for you, I must emphasize that the musical side of the CD dominates and the frequently-existing strings should make your decision easy. If you're a fan of violin-oriented bands like The Sins of Thy Beloved, Vanguard or early Tristania, you'll eat this up and send me a "Thank you!" email in a few weeks. If not, you might be disappointed that the CD leans more towards a musical performance, as opposed to a vocal one. As for me, 'Eve' has been an excellent and competitive addition to my collection.




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