Tarja - Colours in the dark 4/5

Reviewed: 11-1-13


1. Victim of ritual
2. 500 letters
3. Lucid dreamer
4. Never enough
5. Mystique voyage
6. Darkness
7. Deliverance
8. Neverlight
9. Until silence
10. Medusa

Tarja is the solo symphonic gothic metal band of Tarja Turunen from Finland and this is her 4th solo studio CD. It continues in the same vein as her 2 previous studio CDs, namely, heavy, crunchy upbeat pop metal with driving epic power metal touches. Although it’s more straightforward and less diverse and adventurous than ‘What lies beneath’, the songs on ‘Colours in the dark’ are captivating and involving, with a nice blend of lush symphonic keys, rocking power metal riffing, and soaring, catchy choruses. Surprisingly, however, while there are a few somewhat slower songs there are no ballads except perhaps the song “Until silence”.

Tarja, as always, sings with exquisite grace and beauty; although several songs feature her signature dramatic soprano style, most of the time she sings with a more mellow, pensive style that simply overflows with various emotions: most often exuberance or playfulness, though sometimes perplexity or fear. She is unfailingly passionate and emotive, and ‘Colours in the dark’ certainly represents one of her most engaging vocal performances to date.

‘Colours in the dark’ seems like a return the approach on her 2nd CD, ‘My winter storm’, where the arrangements served more as backing music for Tarja’s beautiful vocals; but unlike ‘My winter storm’, the arrangements on ‘Colours in the dark’ are dynamic and interesting enough to genuinely complement her vocals rather than distract from them. That said, there’s no doubt that the target audience for this CD are people who can’t get enough of Tarja’s singing, and they will definitely be pleased with her latest outing.




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