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Tacere - Beautiful darkness 1.5/5

Reviewed: 11-23-07


1. Deep tears of tragedy
2. I devour
3. Excursion
4. Black roses
5. A voice in the dark
6. Foes of the sun
7. Phantasm
8. Born of the ground
9. Bitter, regressive
10. Beyond silence
11. Beautiful darkness
12. Into your dreams

Tacere's full-length debut 'Beautiful darkness' was an early-2007 release, and it's a blend of power metal, symphonic metal, gothic metal, and there are even some parts that I would label progressive metal or (in a different direction) thrash metal. Therefore, musically, the CD could easily appeal to a great deal of metal fans, wherever their strongest genre tastes reside. The CD is quite heavy, with some very powerful moments, crunchy segments, speed, catchy riffs, and there are only a few slower parts.

As if the musical variety wasn't enough, Tacere has a female vocalist (Helena Haaparanta) and a male vocalist (Karri Knuutila), who both mix up their vocal styles quite a bit. Especially Karri, who sometimes sings in a clear manner, but can also be very rough and even somewhat brutal (think Battlelore). When I think of the band, both musically and vocally as a whole, the best comparisons would definitely be Nightwish, After Forever, Visions of Atlantis, Battlelore, Epica and Atargatis. I realize these bands are not extremely similar, but picture Tacere wandering around somewhere in the middle of these bands.

So what's the problem, you ask? Well, believe it or not, the wide variety of musical styles in existence is a minor flaw. I just can't seem to get into the CD and it feels like it's all over the place, regarding both song to song and the CD as a whole. But the major problem, in my opinion, points directly at male vocalist, Karri. His frequently off-key vocals border on horrendous throughout much of the CD. Usually one poor aspect of a CD doesn't ruin it, but in this case, it does. If I'm in the right mood, the CD is okay, and I can get through it and even enjoy a few of the songs. But if in the wrong mood, Karri's vocals become annoying and the CD is truly unlistenable. So hearing samples before considering to get into the band is an absolute must, as I'm positive there will be many other metal fans out there that will find this CD to be below the level of almost all releases these days.




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