Syrens Call - Emoceans 4/5

Reviewed: 9-30-05


1. The world of Emoceans
2. Fears & hopes
3. Mission to earth
4. Legasea
5. The druidesses of Oya
6. Survival
7. Silence of an angel
8. In the abyss of sorrow
9. A deep breath
10. The awakening
11. The start of a new story
12. July 69
13. The other kingdom

For some reason, French bands Syrens Call and Headline are fairly unknown. Both are female fronted, play progressive power metal, and are worthy of more recognition. While Headline has more of a crunchier sound, at least on their last few CDs (their debut 'Escape' is my favorite), Syrens Call have chosen a more pleasant, melodic and smooth style. They're definitely on the lighter side of the genre (maybe the reason it took me so long to finally grab their 2 CDs), but I've found them to have enough speed and heaviness to more than satisfy, and the guitar work (specifically with the numerous solos) is fantastic. They also have very well done keyboards, a fairly large symphonic influence, and I've really begun to enjoy the unique, yet excellent, voice of Valerie Paul, as her vocals are a nice break from the soprano style that's present with almost every symphonic/gothic metal band.

Although Syrens Call's debut 'Fantasea' is average in just about every area (with exception of the promising guitar work), their 2nd CD 'Emoceans' is light-years beyond and a CD that has been kind-of a shock. There are a high number of faster songs ("Fears & hopes", "Mission to earth" and "The awakening", just to mention a few), more so than with the mentioned Headline and even the crunchier Ebony Ark. There are also some wonderful instrumentals, sure to please anyone who's a fan of softer guitar solos that truely mesmerize. The calming track 7 "Silence of an angel" is the best example, as this song has caused me to hit the "repeat" button at least a dozen times already. Most of the songs are around 7 minutes, which means there's plenty of time for speed, melody and superb guitar solos. I'm amazed at how the band can combine speed and heaviness with such an overall pleasant sound. Remarkable!

As far as the "excellent" rating, I've found this CD to be at the same quality level as Edenbridge's 'Shine' or Ebony Ark's 'Decoder' from several months ago, but I don't know if this CD will end up being my favorite of the 3 in the long run. One thing's for sure, 'Emoceans' is very refreshing, enjoyable, and a perfect example of a CD that really needs to be heard. There's something very special with this band and it amazes me that they're not more popular. I've certainly done my part by writing this review, but let's hope the words "Syrens Call" are heard more frequently, as the band is most deserving.




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