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Synthphonia Suprema - Synthphony 001 3/5

Reviewed: 4-28-06


1. Fileader
2. Nothing can stop me
3. Synth metal
4. Uncosmic justice
5. My war
6. Black cat
7. Shield saviour
8. Fatherland
9. Glacier inside
10. Battle of the living dead

Here we have a new power metal band out of Italy, where many of my favorite bands seem to hail from. Just like the band's name (Synthphonia Suprema) implies, the use of synth's is a large part of their music. Thankfully, the base style to be found is power metal and this is a fast-paced affair for the most part. But with the extreme usage of synth/electonic structures present, they have a really unique sound. The closest comparison I can make is to fellow Italians Wonderland and maybe Luca Turilli. Dol Ammad could be thrown in the mix also, as they too play fast-paced electronic metal. No choirs exist with Synthphonia Suprema as they do with Dol Ammad though. Instead, Matkracker (first, last or only name?) is your standard Italian power metal vocalist, with a clear and somewhat high voice.

After a few demos and teaming up with producer Frank Andiver (of Labyrinth fame and is also the creator/drummer of the new supergroup Oracle Sun), they've released this full-length debut 'Synthphony 001', which is apparently the first part of a trilogy. As mentioned, the CD is mostly made up of speedy songs with a few mid-paced moments present. Basically, typical power metal riffs are surrounded by synth/electronic/keyboard parts (even the bass is electronic) and a great deal of melody exists within these elements. For what they're attempting to create here, it's done very well and is definitely more in the enjoyable direction than the boring.

Besides the Lordian Guard cover "Battle of the living dead" (which is quite interesting!), not one song stands above the rest as a highlight and this is not a CD that will played over and over, but rather one that will bring in an occasional variety. I'll be curious to hear the band's 2nd and 3rd parts of the trilogy, as I'm uncertain of whether or not another CD in this style will work for me. In fact, I have not listened to this twice without another CD being played in between. 'Synthphony 001' is a nice debut though, from a very unique band, which will be refreshing to most but may annoy the hell out of others. Hopefully this review has helped you decide what kind of affect it will have on you.




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