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Symphonity - Voice from the silence 3.5/5

Reviewed: 10-24-08


1. La morale dell' immorale
2. Give me your helping hand
3. Gates of fantasy
4. Bring us the light
5. Salvation dance
6. The silence - Memories (Part I)
7. The silence - In silence forsaken (Part II)
8. The silence - Relief reverie (Part III)
9. Searching you
10. Evening star
11. Afterlife

Back in 2003, a band named Nemesis (from Czech Republic) released their full-length debut 'Goddess of revenge' through the popular European label Underground Symphony. I purchased that CD the same year and while on paper it was totally for me, as it was fast-paced power metal with a good amount of keys (extremely similar to bands like Projecto), their vocalist Vilem Majtner was just okay and the CD greatly lacked hooks, so it didn't impress me and I've only listened to it a handful of times over the last several years.

Now 5 years later, the band that I thought would be another one-and-done band has changed their name to Symphonity and they've also grabbed the excellent and popular vocalist Olaf Hayer (Dionysus, Luca Turilli, and others), who has replaced Vilem. With immediate improvements vocally, the band was sure to be much better than they were back in 2003, though I must admit that I wasn't expecting them to be a lot better musically. Simply put, I was totally wrong.

As Symphonity, and after 5 years of gaining experience, the band has released 'Voice from the silence' (through another popular European label - Limb Music Products) and they have really come together, especially regarding their songwriting skills. Every song on this CD is very good, and most of them are quite catchy, memorable, and they've still kept a large amount of speed. Overall however, they wander between melodic metal and melodic power metal, with a lot of keys (the CD is fairly symphonic), and for comparisons, I'd say they sit somewhere between Stratovarius and Dionysus.

So what we have here is a band that, in my opinion, has taken a strong step forward and they've definitely made the right decision by grabbing Olaf for vocals. I'm not sure if the name change was necessary, as it only confuses things (there are way too many bands these days!), but I guess they truly wanted a fresh start. So if you're into melodic power metal with a solid dose of keys, you'll enjoy this, but at the same time, I'm pretty sure some of you will find this to be too generic. Personally, the quality speaks loudly and it's an enjoyable CD from a band that could've easily ended their career (or split-up and gone seperate ways) 5 years ago. Well done!




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