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Symmetrya - Eternal search 3/5

Reviewed: 10-26-07


1. Ascension
2. Learn to live
3. Eternal search
4. Lost
5. Dead zone
6. Symmetry
7. Misbelief
8. In the mouth of madness
9. Wings of tragedy
10. Inner force

Symmetrya is a new power metal band from Brazil that was formerly known as Symmetry, but they obviously changed their name to avoid confusion with other bands named Symmetry. They never passed the demo stage under the name Symmetry however, so 'Eternal search' is their full-length debut. As you would guess, Symmetrya's style is comparable to other Brazilian power metal bands like Angra, Wizards, Glory Opera, Steel Rage, Aquaria, Orion Riders, Arwen and so on. But there's a good amount of keyboards and the Italian influence is quite present, so I'll give you Shining Fury, Projecto, Infinity, Heavenblast and Morgana as some more quick comparisons. Also, the bands Endless and Sagga (Holy), who sit in between the Brazilian and Italian power metal styles, must be mentioned as well.

You should already have a great idea of whether or not 'Eternal search' is for you, but I know there are some ultra-picky power metal fans out there, so I'll provide some positives and negatives. First off, let's tackle the positives; for one, the CD is of the speedy type, and really, almost every song is fast. If you must have speed, you should be more than satisfied here, but there are a few slow songs too (which are nicely done). Also, about half of the songs have terrific choruses and there are some great guitar solos that pop up from time to time. Finally, the amount of keyboards is not too little or too much, so I feel most power metal fans will be accepting of that element. Plus, there are a few really cool keyboard solos.

Alright, onto the negatives; unfortunately, the production is not the best. Normally this isn't a major factor in a CD's quality, but in this day and age, stricter production values are a must - especially since a stronger production would have made the numerous fast songs sound a lot better. The one other (possible) negative is the vocals, as Jurandir Junior, simply put, is not up to the level of the vocalists from Angra, Sagga (Holy), Endless, Aquaria and Orion Riders, although he's probably at the level of some of the vocalists from the other previously mentioned bands and he's far from bad. Still, I could see some of the "picky" power metal fans having an issue with the vocals.

In the end, I think whether or not 'Eternal search' is for you should depend on how much you're into the Brazilian and Italian power metal styles. If you're like me and pretty much buy every Brazilian/Italian power metal CD blindly, this should be a worthwhile purchase. But if your screening process has become stricter and stricter over the years, then you're going to faced with a tight decision and heading off to hear samples is a must. One thing's for sure, I've enjoyed the fast pace of the CD and I know it will find a place in my collection.




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