Sunrise - Trust your soul 5/5

Reviewed: 8-1-10


1. Trust your soul
2. All this time
3. You and me
4. Man in the world
5. Love will set your free
6. Dreamer online
7. Hey!
8. Relax
9. Tell me why
10. Forgotten secrets
11. Invisible plase
12. The spirit of universe (bonus track)

Once again I'm reminded of why I love power metal so much, and it's actually been a few years since I've been this amazed by a power metal CD. While I was already extremely impressed with Sunrise's debut 'Liberty' a few years ago, this Ukrainian band has stepped it up even more with their sophomore effort 'Trust your soul'. Just like the debut, the CD's style is melodic power metal comparable to the early material from Sonata Arctica, Stratovarius, Dreamtale, Twilightning, Celesty, Twilight Guardians, Supreme Majesty and Thunderstone, or think of new bands like Cardiant, Keldian, Nightscape, Ultimatium, Saidian, Crown of Glory and Moonville.

Again the band has 2 guitarists, Vitaliy Petrychenko and Alexandr Rudnev (who has replaced Vladimir Ovcharov from the debut), and the guitar work is definitely one of the aspects of the CD that's so outstanding, as both the lead and rhythm guitars keep the CD flowing in an exciting manner. In addition, the frequent guitar solos are so exceptional that I'm always left with a lasting impression, regarding each and every song. As you would guess, we get our usual amount of keys (courtesy of Eduard Fefer), but they compliment the guitar work to perfection, instead of dominating it. Also pleasing is that vocalist Konstantin Naumenko returns with his clear, passionate, melodic and sometimes soaring vocals. Basically, with the music and vocals being of such high quality (there are so many wonderful melodies), and the songwriting being really crisp, the CD ends up as one of the most memorable that I've heard in quite some time.

Even though there are plenty of fast-paced songs (track 2 "All this time", track 4 "Man in the world", track 8 "Relax" and track 10 "Forgotten secrets"), there are also some mid-paced and slow songs (a few could probably be called ballads), so much of the CD is more along the lines of pure melodic metal. Regardless of whether the songs are slow or fast however, they're all magnificent and not even one of them comes close to being average in my mind. I want to mention that there are some female vocals on track 6 "Dreamer online" and track 9 "Tell me why" (by 2 guests, though neither of them are familiar to me), which are a welcomed addition. Also, just like with their debut, they give us a Russian-language song as a bonus track ("The spirit of universe", which I've translated) as the CD's closer.

For me personally, this new band is absolutely sensational and this CD is one of the best power metal CDs out there, especially now, as many of the well-established bands are mixing things up or changing direction as they further their career. My point is, if you cherish CDs like Sonata Arctica's 'Ecliptica', Stratovarius' 'Destiny' and Dreamtale's 'Ocean's heart', or new bands like Cardiant and Keldian excite you, then you'll be very happy with what this band has done.




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