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Suncrown - Follow your dream 3.5/5

Reviewed: 12-1-13


1. Believe
2. Make this life
3. Eyes of the world
4. War spirit
5. Desinty call
6. Follow your dream
7. Legend of the forgotten centuries
8. Beautiful light
9. When hearts want to be together
10. Lone ship
11. Children of the sea

This is an interesting debut, and it's one that has really grown on me. Though the band was formed in 2011 by keyboardist Oleg Biblyi from the Ukraine in 2011, it features musicians from all over the world, including drummer Tim Zuidberg from the Netherlands, guitarist Gustavo Bonfa from Brazil, guitarist Kevin Ellerby from the U.S., bassist Ederson Prado from Brazil, and Ugur Kerem Cemiloglu from Turkey plays the flute, though there are some guest musicians too. The main vocals are provided by Darren Crisp from the U.S. and Juliana Furlani from Brazil, who together make a great team.

As for the musical style, I would call it melodic/symphonic power metal, but it's quite symphonic and that's probably what's most present. Though it definitely would've benefited from a better production, the songwriting on this CD is terrific, but I do seem to enjoy the first half of the CD a bit more - especially track 3 "Eyes of the world", which is probably the most memorable song. There are also some excellent instrumentals (track 4 "War spirit", track 7 "Legend of the forgotten centuries" with a few background vocals, and track 9 "When hearts want to be together"), as well as some really nice guitar solos that pop up and brighten up some of the songs, which are mostly of the mid-paced variety, though there is some speed. The closer "Children of the sea" is a Black Sabbath cover, and that too is well done.

I don't know how these global musicians got together, but what they've created is impressive, and this kinda has a feel of projects like Aina, Avantasia, Soulspell, Nergard, etc., but I also hear some Savatage and Circle II Circle in some of the songs. So in the end, this is an enjoyable debut that all members of the band should be proud of and fans of melodic/symphonic power metal should seek it out, especially if you like some of the similar projects mentioned.




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