Suddenlash - Soul's revenge 3/5

Reviewed: 12-1-13


1. The rite
2. Possessed
3. The prophecy
4. Valkyrie's pride
5. The faithful king
6. Shelter
7. Rebirth
8. Soul's revenge

Suddenlash is a symphonic/gothic metal band from Barcelona and 'Soul's revenge' is their full-length debut. The band consists of only 2 members - David Magrane handles everything to do with the music (guitars, drums, orchestration, etc.) and the vocalist is Lidia Guglieri, who is of the operatic type and has a wonderful voice.

While on the surface the band is just another female fronted band amongst the many, they do stand out in one area - their focus is definitely on the orchestration, and the guitar work is actually quite basic and nothing too exciting. Though the CD does have a fairly raw sound musically (and not one of the better productions I've heard recently), it doesn't matter very much, as it's Lidia's vocals that are intended to shine, and they really do.

For me, spinning this CD is like listening to other CDs where the vocals are what demands the most attention, so I'm reminded of Eli, Ivana d' Arc, and certainly Tarja. If you like your mind wandering throughout the vocals on CDs from these bands, there's a good chance you'll dig this as well. If you're looking for the next big Nightwish or Epica, you'll probably not be fully pleased with this debut. Personally, I love female operatic vocals and do get enough enjoyment out of this CD, so it's surely been a worthwhile listen.




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