Storyteller (The) - Underworld 2.5/5

Reviewed: 12-16-05


1. Changeling
2. Eyes of the dead
3. The fiddler
4. Watcher in the deep
5. Your time has come
6. Beauty is the beast
7. Underworld
8. Magic elements
9. Shine on
10. Ace of spades

The Storyteller’s 4th CD is much the same as the band’s previous releases. The band is basic power metal with some touches of folk and a sound that you might expect to be coming out of medieval castles. The band is solid with no weak points, but they also don’t go for anything out of the ordinary musically and don’t add much orchestration like some other similar bands do. The singer is run of the mill with a nasally and throaty sound to his voice – he is effective but not overly impressive.

The songwriting on this CD varies from average to fairly good. There are no great tracks to be found here with the closest being the very good “Magic elements”. Other good tracks include the first 2 tracks and the title track is also fairly good. The rest of the tracks on the CD are decent, but certainly nothing above average for the genre. An interesting bonus track is a remake of Motorhead’s “Ace of spades”; this track doesn’t fit in with the typical The Storyteller style and the singer has a much more powerful sounding voice on this track.

Unfortunately, there is little to get excited about with this CD. The band has some potential and does write some good to very good tracks. However, those tracks are stuck between a lot of average songwriting and nothing about the musicianship is interesting enough to rescue the overall CD. The Storyteller seemed like something new and different with their first CD, but have stagnated to the point that they are no longer interesting and their CDs aren’t easy to differentiate from each other. This is just a slightly above average CD on its own merits and gives owners of previous CDs by the band little reason to buy it unless they are huge fans of the band.




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