Storyteller (The) - Crossroad 3.5/5

Reviewed: 3-8-02


1. And the legend continues
2. The unknown
3. The secret's revealed
4. The eye of the storm
5. A passage through the mountain
6. Ambush
7. Loss of a friend
8. Crossroad
9. Kingdom above
10. The moment of truth

This was a highly anticipated release, after this band's excellent and promising debut, which was solid fantasy metal somewhat in the style of mid-era Blind Guardian, with a mid-range vocalist. This sophomore effort does not disappoint, but rather takes all the quality elements of the band's debut and improves on them even more. Most noticeable are the greatly improved vocals, which are really quite strong, and some excellent writing.

The first real song, "The unknown" just rips with glory, and the CD continues the trend from there! The lyrics make me want to cry when I remember metal's dark ages, nothing but a pure, epic high fantasy concept album, borne along on the powerful melodic melody. As the story is tied in, I really like the way the last track "The moment of truth" ends with a recalling of the theme from their debut. Well, the kind of last track, as there is a bonus track with an absolutely glorious version of one of Maiden's great and unappreciated songs, "Moonchild". "Kingdom above" is a sing along anthem in the vein of "Chant of the thieves" (quite similar really). It's just tremendously strong power metal, with great songs, nice guitar work, and big choruses. Highly recommended if you're at all into this style of metal, mid-range vocals over thundering power metal, a la mid-era Blind Guardian, Dragonheart, Custard's ‘Kingdoms of your Life’, etc.




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