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Stormwarrior - Northern rage 4/5

Reviewed: 9-10-04


1. And the northewinde bloweth
2. Heroic death
3. Valhalla
4. Thy laste fyre
5. Welcome thy rite
6. Odinn's warriors
7. Bloode eagle
8. Sigrblot
9. To foreign shores
10. Lindisfarne

Here were have Stormwarrior's follow-up to their much acclaimed debut. This is some serious, in your face, German power metal in line with Wizard, Gamma Ray, Paragon, Iron Savior and possibly Vhaldemar. Stormwarrior offers very aggresive songs with tons of speed and power, even more so than the bands mentioned. The vocals of Lars Ramcke are also in line with the bands mentioned, being a bit rougher than the standard power metal vocalist. He certainly is not too rough though, and fits the music very well.

There is no need for a song breakdown, as other than the excellent epic intro "And the northewinde bloweth", all of the songs are stong German power metal with lots of quick riffs and plenty of great guitar solos. There certainly are highlights though, track 5 "Welcome thy rite" is a standout, and track 7 "Bloode eagle" is definitely one of the best on the CD, complete with a fantastic guitar solo! Track 9 "To foreign shores" is also one of my favorites, as it contains one of the catchiest riffs on the CD. The thundering track 10 "Lindisfarne" is an awesome song that finishes off the CD in the powerful manner that it should.

This 2nd CD probably doesn't surpass their debut, but it continues right where the debut left off. There is no need to complain about a lack of song variety, as we get plenty of variety through switching CDs. This is great when you are in the mood for some fast and aggressive power metal, and is definitely one of the best CDs in the heavier German style. This will surely get many listens, as the craving for powerful metal is always present.




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