Steel Warrior - Legends 3/5

Reviewed: 4-10-09


1. Wyrd
2. Legends
3. Wicca
4. Bang your head
5. Holy murder
6. The witch and the cross
7. Warlord spirit
8. Of love and magic
9. Vodu
10. Metal rebel

The steel army of the mistland wage war again with their wyrd legends of magick and mystery. This is their 3rd attempt to capture the power metal might, and I'm here to announce that your steel majesty's return is almost triumphant. This manuscript of ethereal and sorrowed tales is part of a welcomed wonderment, and elemental dismay.

Prepare to bang your head, and do that thing you do. Following the release of their virtual Vodu EP, the 2 suave Chinese brothers: Culver Yu (drums) and Boon Yu (guitars), along with vocalist/guitarist André Fabian and basilisk bassist Anderson Agostinho, have created another wise tome of love and magick.

"Wicca" is a mystical classic piece, adumbrating Iron Maiden's "Phantom of the opera", minus all the harmony solos. "Bang you head" is a powerful, festive piece, reminding me of the finest work of Hellish War, a band to whom Steel Warrior can definitely be compared. The crusader's anthem "Holy murder" carries an Arthurian vibe, and sounds like the Italian bands Holy Martyr or Wotan.

"Warlord spirit" is an homage to Rome's ancient glory. I'm reminded of another Italian act in Centvrion. "Of love and magic" is a bit weak for my taste, but all encompassing. "Vodu" (also from the EP), is a return to form. This is a rippin' cut of golden glory, echoing the true nature of Voodoo and Haitian dark magick. Ending the CD with the Priestly "Metal rebel" is a wise choice, indeed! Here I am reminded of Vhaldemar's 'Fight to the end'.

Early in their career, these metal rebels were enraptured in fantasy, and lore, often imitating their icons - Blind Guardian, but sounding more like The Storyteller. 'Legends' is much more of a compendia of theurgical works of iron and glory, with an arcane analogy. This abash less attempt, may not be a novel notion, but it is a commendable one.

Fans of the first 2 Steel Warrior CDs may find 'Legends' to be a bit weaker, and less intense. This is because 'Legends' is more in the vein of traditional metal, with an epic overview. For an independent release, the production values have significantly increased.

Steel Warrior have not created anything original, and their brethren in Hellish War still remain the defenders of tomorrow, and real heroes of metal. Nevertheless, if you indulge in the early works of Viper, Angra, Running Wild or The Storyteller, and if you appreciate the current works of Andre Matos, Almah, or the myriad of epic Greek acts, then Steel Warrior is worthy of your vision and time.




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