Steel Attack - Diabolic symphony 3/5

Reviewed: 5-26-06


1. Diabolic symphony
2. Dead forever
3. Shallow seas of hatred
4. Dreaming
5. Embraced by fear
6. Invisible god
7. Sanctimonious
8. Haunting
9. Show me the way
10. Winter hell
11. I bow my head in shame
12. The other side

Out of the flames of immortal hate, Steel Attack return with their 5th CD just 2 years after their descent from the gates of heaven. I have fervently followed this band ever since Mr. Schaeper first enticed me with his copy of their debut and decided to show me the way... one way to Heaven - one way to Hell, a mere sick, set 6 years ago. So much has changed since the awakening when this band once embraced my forsaken soul. Unfortunately, each follow-up CD release just mislays more than its founding members, and is bereft of burgeoning buoyance. The plague thrashing defenders of the crown plagiarize and placate, and continue to espouse a more homogenous harangue and flaccid fashion for metal, mimicking and following the holy sign of Angel Dust, which tends to be a tad morose. I have relished each release, yet each listen makes me more reluctant to purchase their next endeavor. On their 3rd CD 'Predator of the empire', I felt that with this reliquary, the band had finally found their recondite rendering. This was the meticulous mixing of irate riffing with menacing metonymy. Hapless hoping, as again this was just not the case, considering that the ensuing epic evolved into an entirely new entourage. The vicarious vicissitudes for this band has become quite irksome for me, and a chaotic query as I wrestle and recoil, desparately attempting to abide by thier capricious capitulations. Presently, they have released another CD which is quite similar to their predecessor; although this time they are not enslaved to the low Testament tactics and never taciturn vexing vocals.

This diabolical diatribe is a symphony of destruction, as each of the 12 songs really showcase the band's talent and ability to write memorable songs. Where Steel attack fails mankind is in their ability to remain consistent. The band must dwell in a reality unknown, embraced by fear as each song lyrically indicates their wrangle with wanton servitude for an invisible god. The opening title track is really rapid and invincible, exhibiting nocturnal tales of mystery and imagination and rites of the afterlife with the rectitude of recollection. Songs like "Show me the way" and "Sanctimonious" are total burners blazingly performed by these (un)holy swordsmen who share the black fate of their compatriots hellbound Nostradameus, seriously shredding with hooks that are out of this world. As the haunting voices arise from the darkness, like a nightmare, I either must be dreaming or dead forever. With each prospective auscultation, I'm instantly reminded of the new order of savage souls whose deception of hate, now make them the master of sins. Mystic Prophecy have found their sound even without mainman Gus G.; whereas Steel attack are still attacking all the wrong songs of a thousand souls. There exist no meager non-metal tracks on this new CD; but none of the compositions are really overrunning either. I make amends for seeming to sound sanctimonious, but I feel this band have fallen into the madness of infinite regress. Where are the wings of faith that once carried them on the shoulders of the Swedish metal elite?

The Heavy Metal God grunts, "I am the beast and I bow my head in shame, Steel Attack are devolving into an assemblage of atrophy and entropy. Lo, they must make up their metal minds once and for all, or else on judgement day I will send them to the Dragon's Skull and in the village of Agabha they will face the furious spirit of death - the creation of Be-lou, then they will be banished to the point of no return on the other side, the forgotten land reserved for the forsaken; a cursed land, the true winter hell; never to sail the holy sea of gold!".




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