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Soul of Steel - Journey to infinity 4/5

Reviewed: 10-1-13


1. Aeternum tormentum
2. Through the gates of heaven
3. Shadows of the past
4. Neverland
5. Waiting for
6. The fallen angel
7. Journey to infinity
8. Like a memory
9. Secret words
10. Portrait of my last dream
11. Last desire
12. Eternal life
13. Last desire (piano version)

Italian power metal - I wonder where I would be without it. Bands like Vision Divine, Labyrinth, Sigma, Projecto, Highlord, Secret Sphere and Wonderland blew me away years ago, and will always have a place in my life. Even though it's not the year 2000 anymore and CDs from the country/style aren't greatly dominating my CD player, it's still nice to discover new bands that contain that familiar Italian power metal sound.

Soul of Steel has actually been around for a few years, and they released their debut 'Destiny' in 2011, which I feel is a good CD, but far from what I heard many years ago from the aforementioned bands. That said, their 2nd CD 'Journey to infinity' is much better, and there's no doubt that the band has improved regarding songwriting. I especially like the nice balance of tempo, as both the fast and slow songs are terrific, though I wouldn't be surprised if some metal fans feel there are too many slow songs. I don't really have any favorite songs because I seem to like them all the same - even the piano version of "Last desire" (featuring Roberto Tiranti from Labyringth) that closes the CD.

I know many power metal fans aren't into the Italian scene as much as me, but if you're digging some of the new Italian bands like Ananke, 4th Dimension, Eyes of Soul, Silver Lake, Crimson Wind, Evershine, Wind Rose and Firestorm, you'll probably like this band as well - especially this 2nd CD.




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