Skyward - Chasing horizon 3.5/5

Reviewed: 4-1-10


1. Trust your demons
2. Skyward
3. Chasing horizon
4. Scarecrow
5. Almost real
6. Game over
7. Watching the stars
8. Sunset song
9. Mercury

I was very impressed with Skyward's 's/t' debut a few years ago, and thankfully they've returned with their 2nd CD 'Chasing horizon'. For those unfamiliar with the band's debut, Skyward is a female fronted melodic metal band, and they're a decent distance away from the standard symphonic/gothic metal style that has bombarded us over the last several years. The best overall comparisons I can make are Edenbridge and Enter Twilight, but Skyward is without the orchestral/symphonic side that these other bands have, and quite honestly, they have their own unique sound.

One aspect of the band's debut that stood out to me is vocalist Sanna Åström, and she's the vocalist on this CD as well. She has a soft and lovely voice, so don't expect an extremely powerful or overwhelming vocalist. Instead, she offers up a performance that greatly fits the band's musical side, which I'd simply call pleasant melodic metal. This is not an aggressive CD and there isn't a tremendous amount of speed. Just like the debut though, it's a catchy and memorable CD with smooth (almost groovy at times) rhythms that flow perfectly with Sanna's vocals. There's no doubt that this CD is for lovers of female fronted metal bands, which of course includes myself.

Also just like with the debut, all of the songs on this CD are at least good, with some of them reaching the level of greatness. This CD is probably a bit more consistent than the debut overall, but my top 2 favorite songs from the band exist on the debut (the extra-catchy "Die happy" and the brilliant slow song "Crossroads"). That said, there are plenty of highlights on this CD, some wonderful slow songs, and really, if you're into the softer and smoother type of melodic metal, you'll enjoy this CD. I do want to mention though, that I don't recommend one of the band's CDs more than the other, so if the band interests you, certainly grab both of their CDs.




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