Skylark - After the storm 2.5/5

Reviewed: 9-23-05


1. The horizon (piano intro)
2. Fear of the moon
3. Little girl
4. Skylark/Crystal lake
5. A star in the universe
6. Escape from the dark
7. The storm
8. Eine kleine nachjtmusik K525 - Allegro
9. Skylark (edit version)
10. Was called empire
11. Albatros on sea

‘After the storm’ is an interesting debut CD. It has one huge negative, that being the horrible production, that can make the CD seem almost unlistenable at times. However, it has that special something that just keeps drawing the listener back and making him realize that there is something really good here even though the production doesn’t fully show it. Skylark is the result of keyboard mastermind Eddy Antonini who writes all the songs. Singer Fabio Dozzo has lots of potential with a powerful voice, but it is largely untapped on this CD which shows him wailing uncontrollably as often as it finds him really singing.

The songs on this CD are mostly a mixture of slow ballad type tracks and more uptempo keyboard based power metal tracks. The most fully realized track on ‘After the storm’ is “Fear of the moon”, which is a track that stays within itself while not being too short. “A star in the universe” is the best pure melody but being only 2 minutes long, the track doesn’t fully realize its potential. The track which strives for the most is “Little girl”, which is over 10 minutes long. It has several parts and finds singer Dozzo stretching his vocal range's limits – for better or, most people will think, for worse. “Albatros on the sea” is another nice slower track. Although the songwriting is a little inconsistent on this CD, the potential that Antonini has as a songwriter is absolutely clear, he is able to write excellent melodies and very good uptempo keyboard solos.

This CD can be looked at as a total tease. It has moments of brilliance and moments of mediocrity – with the mediocrity showing through in both the songwriting and the performance. However, the songwriting can absolutely draw the listener in at times and make him realize that there is something special here that the horrible production doesn’t want to let be seen. This CD is more for the Sklark veteran, it is definitely not the first Skylark CD someone would want to listen to, but as long as the listener can deal with the production there is a lot of value to this CD.




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