Skylark - The princess' day 2/5

Reviewed: 3-8-02


1. The princess' day
2. I will cry tonight
3. Journey through the fire
4. Another life
5. Hope (intro)
6. Rufus (part 1)
7. Symbol of freedom (part 2)
8. The tragedy
9. White warrior
10. Princess of the snow (bonus track, instrumental version)

This is round number whatever for our Italian friends, with a sound that sounded so captivating back on 'After the storm' and 'Dragon's secrets', now is just not as exciting. It's still a very listenable and enjoyable CD, with absolutely no surprise for prior Skylark fans, with a very sharp, almost tinny production, exemplified by the harpsichord-like keyboards that pour through the whole CD.

It however sounds very sameish after the 'Divine gates of heaven/hell' duology, both in comparison with those and internally, lyrically and everything else. The vocalist continues to be less than the best for this genre of music. They do have a fairly original sense to them, as they truly are "harpsichord metal" like no other, but with so many bands taking up the keyboard heavy neo-classical power metal, frequently with similarly weakened vocals, it also feels like it's part of a very large group of similar CDs. Enjoyable, but just not up to so much of the other great stuff these days, and tough choices have to be made.




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