Skylark - The princess' day 3/5

Reviewed: 9-23-05


1. The princess' day
2. I will cry tonight
3. Journey through the fire
4. Another life
5. Hope (intro)
6. Rufus (part 1)
7. Symbol of freedom (part 2)
8. The tragedy
9. White warrior
10. Princess of the snow (bonus track, instrumental version)

‘The princess' day’ is the conclusion to the ‘Divine gates’ trilogy and follows much the same musical path as the predecessors, ‘Gate of hell’ and ‘Gate of heaven’. This CD, like all other Skylark CDs, is classically influenced metal with an emphasis on keyboards and high–pitched vocals. Songwriter Eddy Antonini has an endless stream of great songs at his disposal and seemingly just picks the next 10 when it is time for a new CD. For people who like Skylark, this is a good thing, as each CD in this trilogy has virtually the exact same sound; for others, however, they may get tired of hearing the same sound with different melodies each time a new Skylark CD is released. This is the 3rd CD that has had the same sound so there could start to be a little boredom among some fans.

With the song quality on this CD being very good, it is difficult to say that this is the first Skylark CD in which the songwriting isn’t as good as the previous one, but it is true. That is a little unfair to ‘The princess’ day’ because the songwriting is still very, very good; it’s just not as good as that of ‘Gate of heaven’. The top 2 tracks on this CD are "I will cry tonight" and "The tragedy", both truly top–notch tracks. 2 other tracks of note are "Another life" and "rufus". The former features a very strong bass–line which dominates the track, and the latter is a remake of a track from Antonini's excellent solo CD, 'When water becomes ice'. The biggest negative on this disc is, like with "Gate of heaven", the last track is much less melodic than the rest of the CD. I am unsure why Antonini likes to put these tracks at the end of each CD, but in both cases, it ends the CD on somewhat of a down note. The bonus track on this CD, an instrumental version of "Princess of the snow" from the ‘Dragon's secrets’ CD, is very good.

This is an excellent CD. The songwriting is down just a little from the past couple of CDs, but it is still very good and it is it better than that of most other bands. Skylark does seem to have fallen into somewhat of a rut with their sound and listeners will have to decide for themselves if they enjoy having more of the same put out or if they are ready for Skylark to move on to a new direction. If it’s the former, this is an excellent addition to the Skylark collection; if it’s the latter, then the previous 2 CDs are probably better choices.




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