Skylark - Divine gates part ll/Gate of heaven 4.5/5

Reviewed: 9-23-05


1. Among the clouds
2. Who is God?
3. Lady of the sky
4. Monday 13 October
5. Insanity is the truth
6. The guardian angel
7. The heaven church
8. last Christmas in hell
9. Outro

After showing great potential, but battling through some growing pains on their first 2 CDs, the band finally broke through with a great CD on “Gate of hell”, this CD’s predecessor. That CD seemed like it might be the apex of what Skylark could achieve, but they have moved the bar to an even higher level with this brilliant follow-up. While there are some lengthy tracks on this CD, this one shows the band continuing to do an even better job of fitting its sound into a song format, as opposed to just slapping pieces of music together.

All the full-length tracks on this CD, except the last one, are excellent but the CD starts its phenomenal run with "Insanity is the truth" through "The heaven church”. The tracks merge together nicely, almost as if they could be one long track, but they all stand alone individually as truly excellent. The tracks that stands out above all the others is “The heaven church”, which might be the best Skylark track to date – although there is a lot of competition for that title. This track is melodic, original, exciting and has a keyboard backing track that is absolutely addicting. The only negative to this CD is "Last christmas in hell", which was written by bass player Roberto "Brodo" Potenti; while this is a decent track, it cannot stand up to the brilliance of Antonini's songwriting. A special bonus is a hidden track, an updated version of "A star in the universe". Originally on "After the storm", this much better version features Labyrinth’s Rob Tyrant on vocals.

Skylark has gotten better with each CD so far and that doesn’t stop with this, the band’s 4th CD. The melodies are stronger than ever, the song structures are tighter and the production and performance is the band’s best yet. This CD is a top of the genre quality CD which would be almost perfect if not for the one misstep with the final track on the CD.




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