Sister Sin - Now and forever 3/5

Reviewed: 11-1-12


2. End of the line
3. Fight song
4. In it for life
5. Hearts of cold
6. The chosen few
7. Hang 'em high
8. I'm not you
9. Running low
10. Shades of black
11. Morning after

Now, sound the call of victory, as the new Sister Sin CD has finally arrived! It seems like I have been waiting forever! When I saw these sinister Swedish hearts of old-school open for Michael Schenker, and then had the honour of interviewing the precocious and ferocious Liv Jagrell, I was so excited for hearing some built to last new material.

As promised, it is all systems go as 'Now and forever' truly resounds from the underground by delivering those F'n hostile anthems and street fight songs, sung through Liv's vehemently violent vocal expressions.

I always appreciate how this famed femme fatale makes my day with her rants and raves. Her fist and fight switchblade serenades riff and rip apart the posuers, totally beating them down, as evidenced on songs such as "The chosen few", "Hang 'em high", or "I'm not you".

Reviewing this CD was a real nailbiter for me, since I was expecting so much, and perhaps something new and innovative. Latest releases by fellow northern dames Crucified Barbara and Hysterica (Liv's former band) all showed signs of progression and maturation, but it appears that the mighty Sister Sin have opted to mirror their motor headbanging influences, and not allude to any novel inspiration; although, this time there are no covers.

So do I stand alone when asserting that these shades of lack, though replete with strong rock solid, punchy riffs and angst-driven lyrical aggression, just do not meet all my expectations? I guess we can not all see eye to eye. However, there is no need to get into an outrage, it is just that after waiting for 2 years for a new CD, I do not feel that the band is breaking new ground on this their 3rd effort for Victory Records.

The whole soul sisters of Sweden vibe travels back to the early demo days of Idiots Rule and Ice Age. Sister's Sin debut sure echoed this feel, with even the vinyl solution on their breakthrough attempt on Metal Heaven Records. True Sounds of the Underground continued this run and really allowed for the band to garner some well-deserved recognition.

So, have they become too famous too fast? Are their mettle batteries just running low? I totally dig the new single and video for the "End of the line". I concur with the lyrics which suggest that the band have clearly overcome any superfluous worries over eschatology.

After this punishing tirade, the CD dives into the pissed-off "Fight song" which shakes me with its intense and suggestive foul verbal conflagration, but also begs and borrows riffs and hooks popularized by hard rock act Cinderella, while still striving to uphold that edgy, almost punk overtone.

I know that the band are in in for life, and can rise above any excoriations, and I am super psyched for seeing them in February 2013 with Doro. I just wish that after repeated listens I was more moved by their not so nice songs. Maybe I am not being objective enough having drowned myself in the stellar new Seven Kingdoms CD 'The fire is mine'. Perhaps I am jaded, having hoped for more passion and less bitching.

Overall, this is a tight, neck wreckin' release, and the first hellish half is damn good, but then it just peters out, drained of life and liberty. As the CD draws to a close the listener is treated to the lackluster ballad, leaving me regretting the "Morning after"!

Love them or hate them, I do truly hope that Sister Sin keep on rockin' now and forever!




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