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Sin7sins - Carnival of no tomorrow 4/5

Reviewed: 8-1-12


1. Brimstone ignition
2. Sick of you
3. Pornstar love
4. Shadows & dust
5. Carnivores at carnival
6. Pain induced craze
7. As romance dies
8. Cyanide symphony
9. Revolt tonight!
10. Jenkins nightmare
11. March to ruin

Sin7sins is a symphonic gothic metal band from Netherlands and this is their 2nd studio CD. Their songs are generally heavy, dense, very crunchy and bombastic with pervasive and quite prominent keys. Indeed, the guitars, bass and drums create a busy, hard-hitting, often rocking percussive wall-of-sound, while the keys provide nearly all the melody and general atmosphere of the music. Sometimes they are huge and symphonic, sometimes swirling and lush, sometimes hard and electro, sometimes subtle and tinkling, and sometimes simply beautiful and acoustic; yet in just about all cases they create various moods of dramatic dread and ominous foreboding, giving the arrangements an especially dark vibe, even for gothic metal.

The vocals are predominantly female, courtesy of their vocalist who just goes by the name Lotus, and her melodies are the perfect counterpoints to the arrangements. She is strong, confident, enthusiastic and quite penetrating, with an infectiously poppy delivery that offers an often startling contrast to the darkness and menace surrounding her. Itís all the more startling considering how dark and even somewhat disturbing many of the lyrics are. There are occasional extremely well-done fierce death vocals that only add to the sense of menace, as well as excellent guest vocal appearances from Mark Jansen (Epica/Mayan) and Dan Swano.

By far the closest band in style to Sin7sins is Satyrian, with their distinctive mix of dark, ominous arrangements and enthusiastic poppy choruses; indeed, these elements are not easy to blend into an effective and coherent song, let alone an entire CD of them. Sin7sinS has done a superb job of this on both their CDs, and they are highly recommended for fans of the darker side of adventurous gothic metal.




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