Silent Moon - Clandestine 4/5

Reviewed: 5-30-08


1. Breaking the walls
2. Clandestine
3. Rebellion
4. Land of dark
5. Miracle
6. Time will tell
7. Fly to be free
8. King of illusions
9. Silent Moon
10. Distant horizons
11. Heaven's call (bonus track)

It's always exciting for me to discover a great new band, especially when I can pass the excitement onto regular readers of Metal CD Ratings. Brazilian band Silent Moon and their full-length debut 'Clandestine' is a perfect example. Although the members are very young (and they don't have any experience in other bands, to my knowledge), they're extremely talented and have already performed with Shaman, Almah, Sagga (Holy), Hangar and others. The band has gone through some line-up changes prior to and after the recording of 'Clandestine', but for its recording, the band contains 7 members, as there are 2 guitarists (Roberto Torao and Marcus Vinicius) and 2 keyboardists (Rodolfo "Buda" Matsumoto and Gustavo Albuquerque), along with the usual vocalist, bassist and drummer. Plus, Angra guitarist Kiko Loureiro makes an appearance on 2 songs (track 5 "Miracle" and track 8 "King of illusions").

It's surely no surprise to you that Silent Moon is a power metal band, and if popular bands like Angra and Shaman have already popped up in your mind, you're on the right track. However, there are a few things that have really stood out to me with 'Clandestine'. Firstly, there is a ton of speed and double-bass drumming exists on probably every song. Also, there isn't as much of a symphonic presence, like what you'd hear from, say, Aquaria. This is more of a straightforward power metal CD, but there are many keyboard highlights in line with the typical Italian power metal style. So the band comparisons that are closest to Silent Moon are Symmetrya, Orion Riders, Glory Opera, Steel Rage, Endless and Sagga (Holy), but I'm not kidding when I say that 'Clandestine' has more speed than any other CD from these bands.

As for the vocals, youngster Daniel Moura is outstanding, sings with a lot of passion, and rest assured he'll sound familiar to fans of Brazilian power metal. Plus, the band has really succeeded in writing fun and smooth songs with enjoyable choruses. Unfortunately, if you're wondering which songs are the best, there are none. Not because none of them are awesome, but because not one is better than the others!! Seriously, 'Clandestine' is truly excellent from start to finish, but the keys to whether or not this debut is for you are simple: If you love speed and fantastic guitar/keyboard solos that pop up on just about every song, you'll surely dig this. Just for the record, I do.




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