Silent Force - Worlds apart 4/5

Reviewed: 11-26-04


1. Ride the storm
2. No one lives forever
3. Hold on
4. Once again
5. Master of my destiny
6. Heroes
7. Death comes in disguise
8. Merry minstrel
9. Spread your wings
10. Iron hand
11. Heart attack
12. Worlds apart

I've been a big fan of DC Cooper's vocal prowess for years now, ever since I heard Royal Hunt's 'Moving target' CD. Well, after being ousted from Royal Hunt in favor of the excellent John West and producing a fairly bland solo CD, Cooper resurfaced in his new band, Silent Force. I thought the Silent Force debut ('The empire of the future') was an OK power metal CD. Nothing really memorable about it, aside from DC's unique voice. Their 2nd CD, 'Infatuator' was much better. They added a touch of Judas Priest influence and even had DC provide a Halfordesque wail in a couple songs (including a cover of Judas Priest's "All guns blazing”). However, the Priest influences were overstated by most critics as they were really only present in a few tracks. What made 'Infatuator' much better was a marked improvement in songwriting quality. Their 2nd CD was packed with memorable songs.

Now they return with their 3rd CD 'Worlds apart'. I am happy to say it's even better than 'Infatuator'. The true showcase of this CD is once again the terrific vocals of DC Cooper. His truly unique, smooth, and powerful voice makes him stand apart from just about all other vocalists. But, it would be wrong to not also give accolades to the rest of this stellar band. The entire CD just reeks of polish and class, with quality musicianship carried on a strong, clear, and powerful production. The CD gets off to a great start with the speedy, catchy "Ride the storm" and the anthemic "No one lives forever". "No one..." has a chorus that demands the listener to sing along. The CD proceeds along at a nice clip never dragging too much, mostly maintaining peppy, catchy, melodic songs. "Spread your wings" is the main blemish, a fairly ordinary ballad. One blemish aside, 'Worlds apart' is an excellent power metal CD that all fans of the genre should check out. The band's intercontinental origins help keep them from sounding completely like the stereotypical U.S. or European power metal band. So, while not redefining the genre, Silent Force still stands apart from the crowded power metal crowd.




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