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Silent Fall - Otherwise 3.5/5

Reviewed: 5-1-10


1. Who is the fool?
2. Kill for life
3. Haunted sights
4. Forever and ever
5. One cold winter night
6. I wish
7. Play with fire
8. World of secrets
9. This could have been
10. Tears of fate
11. On the top of the world
12. Heroes (bonus track)

Silent Fall is a French band that began as Winterland and released an EP under that name, but they changed their name a few years ago. Since the change, they've released this full-length debut 'Otherwise', and they were able to grab a deal with the fairly new label Pitch Black Records. I noticed the label has just 5 releases under their belt, but since all of them are here at Metal CD Ratings, it's surely a label that we should keep an eye on.

The first thing that stood out to me with this band is that Olivier Caron is the lead/rhythm guitarist (as well as backing vocalist), and this is important because he's also a member of Wildpath, which is a somewhat new female fronted symphonic power metal band that I like a lot. It's obvious to me that Olivier had a lot to do with the songwriting on this CD, as there are many parts that remind me of Wildpath. The song structures are familiar, and really quite pleasing for me personally. Although the band is most definitely a power metal band, there are a few progressive segments on this CD, and it can also be very symphonic at times.

The band's vocalist is Adrien Eyraud, and he's typical of a power metal vocalist with his clear voice. In addition, Wildpath's vocalist (Marjolaine Bernard) is present on track 9 "This could have been", which is surely a welcomed feature. So overall I'm happy with the vocals on this CD, and musically it's strong too, with plenty of fast-paced songs without being entirely speedy. Just like with Wildpath, the symphonic elements work well, and really, some of the musical similarities between the bands are remarkable.

All of these positive things said, I must admit that there aren't any ultra-magnificent highlights on this debut, but it's very consistent as far as quality, and many of the songs are near the level of excellence. Since I like Wildpath so much, there's a chance that I like this more than most power metal fans will, but it's still a CD that power metal fans should check out and decide for themselves.




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