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Shadow Host - Bringer of revenge 4.5/5

Reviewed: 3-1-12


1. Bringer of revenge (intro)
2. Wicked curse
3. Eye for an eye
4. Forsaken one
5. Demon hunter
6. Secret left untold
7. Back to the shadowland
8. Beware your dreams
9. Facint the truth

Hell yeah! What a killer CD this is...

Regular readers of this site know that my tastes are mostly in the realm of happy/typical power metal, and I also constantly drift to female fronted metal, which many times can be really light. However, you probably also know that I do visit the heavier side of power metal when it's well done, even though I rarely listen to thrash, and death metal never finds its way into my life. So when a CD comes around from the heavier side of power metal like Shadow Host's 3rd CD 'Bringer of revenge', it's tremendously exciting. This Russian band (with English lyrics) has continued where their previous CD 'Curse of the angeleye' (released over 5 years ago!) left off, and this is intense and somewhat thrashy power metal with stunningly powerful riffs. Every moment is catchy as hell and I'm unable to allow my focus to drift from this CD, each and every listen. There are no keys, just awesome guitar work that never lets up.

If that's not enough, vocalist Viktor "Anger" Lysiy is back sounding better than ever. This dude's up there with the vocalists from popular and well established power metal bands, seriously. I can't pick highlights however, as every single song is killer and without a weak spot. Basically, this is a massive recommendation, and will be a real treat for those who would be into a mixture of Blind Guardian, Savage Circus, Persuader, Sencirow, Demons & Wizards, Infinight, Viperine, Manticora, Brainstorm (early), Boomerang, Mystic Prophecy, Core Device and Iced Earth. This shocker is easily at the 4.5/5 level, and is their best to date!




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