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Seventh One - What should not be 2.5/5

Reviewed: 1-28-05


1. Eyes of the nation
2. How many tears
3. Mercenaries call
4. Ancient oath
5. Gallows pole
6. Awaken visions
7. What should not be
8. Where infinity ends
9. Shattered glass

It wasn't too long ago that Seventh One's debut 'Sacrifice' was turning a few heads, and it was a good release in my mind as well. With this 2nd CD 'What should not be', they continue with the same style of their debut. A style comparable to bands like Iron Savior, Stormhammer, Cryonic Temple, The Prowlers, Paragon, but mostly to Metalium. Seventh One have a lot more of a song variety than bands like Iron Savior, Paragon and Cryonic Temple, but I'm not sure it's a good thing with this band.

Track 1 "Eyes of the nation" is a great start, and easily competitive with any song from Metalium. Track 2 "How many tears" reminds me of their debut 'Sacrifice', so those who like their debut will be pleased with this song. By far the best song on the CD is track 3 "Mercenaries call"! The screaming guitar solos are just awesome, and the entire song shows off some spectacular guitar work. Probably one of the best songs I've heard from a band in this style. Track 7 "What should not be" can also be referenced to Metalium, and is another very good song. But the slow to mid-paced songs, like track 6 "Awaken visions" and track 8 "Where infinity ends" don't do anything for me at all. Track 9 "Shattered glass" is a decent finish, but I need more highlights and/or consistency.

There isn't a lot of speed overall, and this shouldn't be a problem. But I think it is, as the slow-paced and mid-paced songs aren't very good. The song variety might be fine for some, but I can only handle mid-paced songs if they're really good. This will get some listens because I can't get over how strong track 3 "Mercenaries call" is, but I need more excitement than 'What should not be' has provided.




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