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Sethian - Into the silence 3/5

Reviewed: 8-11-06


1. Nothing is true
2. Dream domain
3. Love under will
4. Epitaph
5. Too far gone
6. Purity in sorrow
7. Dead reckoning
8. Magdalene
9. Heavens may fall
10. Blood calling
11. Call of the wild
12. Into the silence

Sethian's debut 'Into the silence' slipped past my radar a few years back, as the band is not power metal. Their style is one that appeals to me though, so I eventually made the discovery. Released through the popular Spinefarm Records, 'Into the silence' is a melodic metal CD very much in line with Altaria, and because the comparison is so strong, I'm going to avoid mentioning any other bands. Sethian has a gothic metal edge however, so if you can picture a slightly less upbeat Altaria with more of a laid-back vocal style (courtesy of Wilska... with no last name given), you can envision Sethian's sound. Just like with Altaria, backing vocals are a big part of the band and a lot of nice choruses are present.

The first 3 songs ("Nothing is true", "Dream domain" and "Love under will") are outstanding and really start the CD off with a bang. The Altaria comparison is instantly heard, but so is the mentioned gothic feel (not a bad thing for me personally). You soon find out that all songs have similar mid-paced rhythms and fairly simple song structures however, so the CD bogs down a bit in the middle (having the high amount of 12 songs contributes to this complaint). Guitar solos and memorable choruses are frequent and the last few songs are some of the best on the CD though, so I'm left with a good impression at the end. But because of the predictability and somewhat repetitive arrangements that exists during the CDs duration, successive listens is something I've been unable to do.

It's surely obvious that 'Into the silence' won't appeal to everyone, especially those who need a lot of speed. But this is a CD that brings some variety to my power metal filled days and it's quite enjoyable if popped into the CD player at the right time. Fans of Altaria are urged to pick this one up, but I'm very curious to see (hear) what these guys do with a follow-up, as more than one CD chuck-full of a standard pace and format would probably not be a good thing.




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