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Septem Voices - For you 3.5/5

Reviewed: 5-8-09


1. Times
2. Face of the rain
3. How can you wait
4. Fall asleep
5. Flocks of birds
6. Dreams of love
7. Your only one
8. This world
9. For you

Here we have another Russian-language debut (the title and tracklist are translated, as usual), and there have surely been a lot of them over the last few years, which is a good thing in my mind. This time it's 'For you' from Septem Voices, a symphonic metal band that's female fronted, so just like Sphinx's 'Ghost' that I recently reviewed, it's right down my alley.

Though simply calling Septem Voices symphonic metal is helpful, they do have a gothic metal side and especially a power metal side. There are a few fast-paced songs and a handful of songs that are upbeat/exciting, but the CD also provides some slow/mellow songs and the presence of gothic metal is in existence throughout a good portion of the CD.

Besides the Russian language making the band a bit unique, it's definitely the fact that there's a strong usage of a violin (provided by Chulpan Vangirova) that sets them apart. Every song has the violin either in the background or upfront. I personally love this aspect, as it's incorporated perfectly into the music and brings in a lot of melody, but I must then mention that this is not a CD that will amaze you with guitar work.

For comparisons, Septem Voices sits between the group that contains Visions of Atlantis, Nightwish, HB, Edenbridge, Rosa Ignea, Legenda Aurea, Dreamer, Luna Aeterna (especially - since they're also a Russian-language band, along with the aforementioned Sphinx), Adrana and Arya, and the group that contains Heavenlust, Orphonic Orchestra, Eyes of Eden and Regicide. So in my mind, Septem Voices is not directly comparable to one particular band.

Thankfully, vocalist Evgenia Safina has a beautiful voice and she's never over the top, so if you're not into the highly operatic vocalists, you'll like her performance. All of the songs are enjoyable, but I definitely want to single out the final song "For you", as it's easily the catchiest, the most memorable, and an excellent closer to a debut that's a great start for a promising new band - one that's recommended to fans of female fronted symphonic metal.




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