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Sense of Creation - Forsaken era 4/5

Reviewed: 9-1-13


1. Memoriae
2. Misery
3. Open up your mind
4. Sorrow
5. Doesn't matter
6. Fear
7. Hidden by the light
8. Voices
9. Alethea
10. Justice
11. Deliverance

Sense of Creation is a gothic power metal band from the U.K. and this is their debut studio CD. Most of the songs are an engaging blend of warm, lush symphonic gothic rock and bombastic symphonic power metal. The gothic rock passages often feature unusually beautiful melodies with mostly clean guitars and acoustic or gentle electronic keys, while the power metal passages are extremely catchy, rocking and dynamic with huge keys, clean lead guitar, crunchy backing rhythm guitar, and fairly heavy bass and drums.

The vocals are primarily lightly soprano, courtesy of Elisa Tomaselli; she is a very natural and versatile singer with a surprisingly wide range. Depending on the demands of the song, she varies from a pleasant, expressive, slightly poppy lyrical singing style to a dramatic, penetrating soprano singing style, with effortless transitions from one to the other. She often reminds me of a blend of Sharon den Adel of Within Temptation and Sandra Schleret of Siegfried (and formerly of Dreams of Sanity and Elis). There are harsh blackened spoken vocals on 2 songs.

Sense of Creation is most comparable to Edenbridge except that the songs on ‘Forsaken era’ tend to be shorter and more compact than a typical Edenbridge song, and much less indulgent; as for the gothic passages, a comparison could also be made to Narwhal Tusk and Shadowplay. Indeed, the focus is on Elisa’s beautiful vocal melodies, with the power metal bombast serving as an effective and refreshing contrast to mix up the power level and mood of the songs. ‘Forsaken era’ is a surprisingly mature debut and demonstrates a much higher level of songwriting skill than I had expected; it is highly recommended for fans of the previously mentioned bands.




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