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Scandelion - The pureheart's breed 3/5

Reviewed: 5-1-10


1. Scandelion's kingdom (intro)
2. Eternal flame's prophecy
3. Blood chains
4. Where dreams comes true
5. Desolation is my name
6. Justice murdered
7. Soulless
8. Lost war at nightfall
9. The supreme torment of silence
10. Another fairytale

Scandelion is a band from Spain that was formed way back in 2002, but they've gone through numerous line-up changes over the years. In fact, some of the band's previous members are now in Tears of Martyr, who currently have one CD ('Entrance'), which I reviewed late last year. Anyway, 'The pureheart's breed' is Scandelion's full-length debut, which the band self-released in 2008.

Scandelion is female fronted, by Sonia Hernandez (the "beauty"), and she has a terrific voice, sometimes reminding me of Simone Simons (Epica). There are some "beast" vocals, but Sonia greatly dominates the vocal department, and she's more than capable of doing so. She enters operatic territory on occasion, but mostly stays within the regular range, and she definitely succeeds at both.

Musically, the band's style is a blend of gothic metal, power metal and symphonic metal. Their songwriting skills are solid, as every song is good and the entire CD maintains my interest. I think this is because the CD has a nice balance of tempo, a smooth flow, and a slow yet beautiful closer "Another fairytale". Unfortunately the production isn't the best, but this is simply because the band self-produced it. Plus, since this was recorded in 2008, the band has already recorded a demo (in 2009 - and I've heard it - it's quite strong) and are working on their 2nd full-length CD, which will be recorded in a studio and surely have better sound quality.

In the end, what we have is a solid and very promising start from a band in the process of entering the metal world with high hopes. I like what I've heard from both this 2008 debut and their 2009 demo, so I'm confident that they'll grab the attention of the many fans of female fronted gothic/power/symphonic metal.




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