Savallion Dawn - The charge 1/5

Reviewed: 7-1-05


1. Set me free
2. Price to escape
3. Down in silence
4. Destiny
5. Seven signs
6. Onward
7. Nightmares of past

Savallion Dawn is a power metal band from Germany and 'The charge' is their 2002 demo CD (which was later re-released with additional tracks as a full-length). Musically, they play a fairly typical European flavor of power metal with lots of double-bass drumming and fast, catchy riffs. The musicians are pretty skilled, and generally the band shows promise. There is, however, one big problem and that is their vocalist Ernesto Monteiro. To put it bluntly, he's awful, and completely renders listening to this CD a painful experience for me. He's very weak and wavery and seems to drift in and out of key often. It's really a shame as there is plenty of potential with this band.

Back in the early 90s I probably could have taken this CD when I was way more starved for power metal than I am today. But with the seemingly unending deluge of power metal bands and CDs nowadays, it's hard to recommend any band with such a huge, glaring flaw in their sound. So, I say take a pass on Savallion Dawn until they get a better singer.




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