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Satcconnia - Chaos 4/5

Reviewed: 7-1-13


1. New daybreak
2. Look into my eyes
3. Idyllic world
4. A past secret
5. Sad man
6. Energy
7. I feel unlike with you
8. Chaos
9. Seize the day
10. Satcconnia
11. My soul cry
12. The last way

It's always exciting for me to discover new bands that are fairly unknown, especially if their quality is high. Satcconnia and their full-length debut 'Choas' (released in 2012) is a perfect example, and it's a CD that deserves a lot of attention.

Out of Spain, Satcconnia is female fronted by Cristina Mendoza, who has a really sweet yet powerful voice, and her vocals are layered at times which works well. The band's style is melodic power metal but the CD is lightly symphonic at times, there are slight hints of gothic metal in spots, and there are even some neo-classical parts. Basically, this debut could appeal to a wide variety of fans who enjoy female fronted metal. For comparisons, Satcconnia has a lot in common with Avariel, Gwyllion, Elements, Sacred Groove, and perhaps Mastercastle, but during the faster songs I'm also reminded of Awaken Solace, Eternal Dream, Evarest, and a less aggressive Dawn of Destiny.

The CD has a spectacular beginning, as the symphonic intro "New daybreak" is a perfect start to lead into the melodic/power metal opener "Look into my eyes". Track 3 "Idyllic world" is probably the best song on the CD, with an extra-speedy pace and a lightning-fast guitar solo near the end that's absolutely breathtaking (guitarist Samuel Muņoz is fantastic!). Track 4 "A past secret" slows things down in a terrific manner, and there are actually a few slow songs that help provide a well-executed song variety. Track 5 "Sad man" is a catchy-as-hell mid-paced song that stands out in a major way, and it's followed by the killer instrumental "Energy". The remainder of the CD follows this pattern of mixing up the tempo with high quality songs, and special mention must be made of the slow and wonderful track 11, which contains clean male vocals in harmony with Cristina.

If a metal fan came up to me with a new CD in each hand - one being the 10th release from a popular band, and the other being a debut from a fairly unknown band - there's no doubt I'd take the debut, and my experience with this debut is just another reminder. If you're a fan of female fronted metal, 'Chaos' will have plenty to offer, and I highly recommend it with hopes that their music will reach metal fans all over the world.




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